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Ixios Energy Metals (formerly known as Ixios Global Mining) invests globally in equities of companies producing and mining non-precious metals

IXIOS Energy Metals (formerly known as Ixios Global Mining) is a thematic sub-fund designed for investors seeking a long term investment in non-precious metals miners and producers. The sub-fund is invested in well managed miners and producers that focus on value creation for shareholders. The investment selection follows a rigorous process that aims to manage the many risks inherent in this volatile sector.

Over the coming decade we are facing an unprecedented growth in demand for metals. This is happening after decades of underinvestment in exploration and development of new resources. Only a sustained rise in metals prices will incentivise the investment needed to ensure new supply.

AUM: - USD as of -

FR0014001BS2 S 19/03/2021 - USD 15,000,000 USD 1.00%
FR0014001BT0 I 02/03/2021 - USD 100,000 USD 1.35%
FR0014002KJ0 I - CHF 20/05/2021 - CHF 100,000 CHF 1.35%
FR0014001BU8 I - EUR 10/03/2021 - EUR 100,000 EUR 1.35% 
FR0014001BV6 P 26/02/2021 - USD SHARE 2.00% 
FR0014001BW4 P - EUR 26/02/2021 - EUR 1 SHARE 2.00% 
FR0014001BX2 R - EUR 15/03/2022 - EUR 1 SHARE 2.30% 
IXIOS Energy Metals I MSCI ACWI Sel Metal & Mining Producers ex Gold&Silver NTR

Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

1 year rolling perf
Perf since 02/03/2020

Countries of Registration : France, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Italy (Professional investors only).

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